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About Reading Pays More

WE ARE a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that markets the financial and other benefits of reading.

OUR MISSION is to nurture a culture of reading so that every child is reading and comprehending above AGE- level.

ReadingPaysMore (RPM) was founded Georgia D.N. Robinson, an immigrant from the Caribbean, who continues to serve her community as an attorney, mediator and reading ambassador. She has a passion for education but found that the fundamental skill of reading, above all, was being neglected. Georgia also speaks on the topics of student motivation and entrepreneurship.

Georgia saw first-hand how the lack of basic reading skills could affect and alter someone’s way of life, as her father was illiterate and struggled to maintain the “back office” of his business. Georgia spent many of her childhood days reading her father’s business letters, writing and responding to customers and contractors.

RPM is part of Georgia’s vision to foster a culture of reading in every community and ensure that every child is reading and comprehending above grade-level regardless of the status of her or his biological parents.

She believes that through RPM children will not only build a better future for themselves but will become lovingkind, healthy, prosperous and self-sufficient adults who will continue to share their knowledge and love of words by paying it forward.


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For more information about ReadingPaysMore, please email info@readingpaysmore.com and follow us on Twitter @readingpaysmore. We are currently operating with minimal staff and will respond to your email within 48 hours. We will respond to your email within 48 hours, unless you indicate that your email requires an urgent response.

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