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Parents, we are happy that you are taking a few minutes to join the conversation about helping your child to read. We hope you will be a role model for your children. As we all know, "a parent is a child’s first teacher."

Reading is an important lifelong skill that pays. Before reading can pay, we need to encourage children to read while they are young. We like to suggest that children read every day. In fact, we hope that you have been reading to your child since he or she was in the womb.

Your child is going to love reading because of you! Your encouragement and motivation is what your child needs. Teach your children to love reading, by being a reader yourself. The family that reads together, grows together, and stays together.

Here are some great ideas to help motivate and encourage your child to read:

heart Read to babies in the womb and out of the womb, and have them read to you when they are old enough.

dollar sign Include books as gifts to new moms.

heart Allow children to choose books based on their interests.

dollar sign Use screen time to educate as well as to entertain.

heart Encourage children to read to others.

dollar sign Encourage children to read ingredients or instructions while preparing meals.

heart Give books as gifts for all occasions.

dollar sign Make visiting the library or bookstore as an incentive to reward achievement and/or chore completion.

heart Set aside time for a "family reading night".

dollar sign Have appropriate books at eye-level and the child progresses and grows.

Please take a look at our blogs - we have some great information for you. We would love your comments and ideas on how you are reading more with you family. We also offer a donation program where we can gift a book for you. Join our email program and we will tell you more about it. The gift of a book is an awesome reward for a young developing mind.

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Thanks for visiting and remember: Reading pays You more.

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